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From Cadore to Venice, along the banks of the Piave, the Zattieri used to sail across the river, wrapped up in their heavy wool jackets and protected by their wide-shaped hats. Once they had reached the Fondamenta delle Zattere or the Misericordia, both  located in Venice, rafts were disassembled and the timber was used for other purposes. The concept of Agli Zattieri stems thus from this tradition: you will find a stunning property located within an enchanting setting where anyone can unwind, enjoy nature and do outdoor activities. Agli Zattieri is situated in Santa Mama, under the Municipality of Crocetta del Montello, Treviso, close to the slope n.15 of Montello and to the ancient Capitello dei Lovi, which dates back to the 14th century. Agli Zattieri stands, nowadays, where the Zattieri of the Piave formerly sailed through the river with their rafts loaded of oak wood that had to be taken to Venice. For all these reasons, we have decided to spread and promote our local tourism as well as our beautiful territory.

Agli Zattieri offers a wide range of tourist services conceived both in relation to the regional cycling/pedestrian itinerary La Piave and to the international bike route stretching from Munich to Venice. Our concept was designed by the architect Roberto Pescarollo – RPR STUDIO Venezia –  who planned both the restoration and the new construction of the premises in compliance with the environmental regulation regarding this particular area. Capitello dei Lovi is a symbol of the area; according to the legend, it was built thanks to a vow made by a man from Ciano del Montello, who had miraculously survived a wolf attack. Visitors may also admire a stunning view of the Piave, where it is said that a part of the Roman Via Claudia Augusta originally stemmed. Agli Zattieri is a fascinating place, suitable for all those who are keen on devoting their time to regenerate body and soul while being in contact with woods, animals, and waterways without missing the excellent gastronomy of Montello.