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Bike rental price list

Bike rental with on-site delivery**

Hire your mountain bike or e-Mtb and we will deliver it on site to your hotel, flat or residence.

Organised tours***

We organise several type of tours (cultural and enogastromic tours, naturalistic or adventure itineraries) with accredited guides upon request.

E-Mtb Front
1 giorno/day: 40 €
*1/2 giorno/day: 30 €

E-Mtb Full
1 giorno/day: 45 €
*1/2 giorno/day: 35 €

E-Trekking Bike
1 giorno/day: 40 €
1/2* giorno/day: 30 €

Mountain Bike
1 giorno/day: 20 €
1 giorno/day children: 11 €

Approved helmet
1 giorno/day: 2 €

Baby’s chair

1 giorno/day: 5 €


1 giorno/day: 1 €

Service Kit to-go

1 giorno/day: 5 €

Inner tube

1 giorno/day: 10 €

*half-day hire is from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m and from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Customer is required to pay an additional sum of 5,00 euros for each hour of delay in case of late return of vehicles

**On-site delivery price: 5 euros within 10 km. In the other cases, the price shall be determined according to the distance.

***The price for the tourist guide may vary depending upon the participants and the itinerary.

Hire Terms and Conditions
The hire service is available all year round only upon booking. Both the booking and the cancellation of the hire contract shall be made with prior notice of at least 24 hours.
-months from May to September are defined as high-season months
-prices include VAT and refer to a single bicycle. Bicycles shall be collected and returned to the same place (our premises)
– discounts : 3 days 20%, 5 days 30%, 7 days 40%
– payments shall be made in advance
– in order to rent regular bicycles, customer is required to submit 250,00 euros as deposit as well as a valid Identity Document, whereas to rent e-bikes he/she shall submit 500,00 euros and a valid Identity Document. (No deposit required if you park your vehicle at our company)

– the amount of the deposit may be paid in cash or by card upon rental of the bicycles. Such amount will be refunded upon return of the bicycles. Customer will be provided with a receipt of the deposit upon completion of the payment.

BEWARE! Photos of bikes on our website may not correspond to those available.
Type, colour, size and technical features of bikes may vary.
Further information:
e-mail: aglizattieri@gmail.com
phone: +39 349 5262576
Click here to download the hire form

Registration and Booking Terms
By signing this agreement, customer shall abide by our General Hire Terms and Conditions. Moreover, by signing the Booking Agreement, customer is required to provide a deposit of 30% of the cost of the service to Agli Zattieri, which will then be deducted from the final cost.

The abovementioned amount is governed by the art. 1385 of the Italian Civil Code and it will be deducted from the total cost upon payment. The booking will be confirmed once the deposit has been submitted in accordance with the procedure referred to in the Booking Agreement and it will be deemed completed upon confirmation, which the customer will receive via electronic notice from Agli Zattieri.

Dispatch of Bicycles and Payment Terms
The payment of the total amount referred to in the Booking Agreement and confirmed by Agli Zattieri shall be made by the customer upon commencement of the hire. It shall be paid either in cash or by credit card. Customer shall provide a valid Identity Document upon leaving. In order to rent a bicycle, we require a deposit of 500,00 euros for each rented e-bike or/and of 250,00 euros for regular bikes. The deposit shall be paid in cash or by card (without any actual charging) and it will be held as security until the bike is returned in the condition it was hired out in.

Upon collection of bicycles, a report certifying the dispatch and return of vehicles will be filled in. In the event of more than one person being involved in said activity, the form shall be filled in by one person only. However, the latter shall provide the renter(owner) with all personal details of the other participants. The renter and the customer will examine the functionality of the bikes as well as of its related equipment. By collecting the bike and its equipment, the customer acknowledges its effective fuctionality. Customer shall communicate to the renter any possible failure regarding the bike and its equipment whether he/she acknowledges it upon receipt or, in any case, prior to setting out on any ride. The customer, who receives the bike and its equipment in good condition, agrees that he/she will return them to the same place where they were rented and in the same good condition as when received (ordinary wear and tear accepted). Bikes may be returned to a different pick-up point in compliance with what has been previously agreed with the renter. Customer is committed to returning the bikes and the equipment according to the timeslots set out in the hire agreement.

Should any failure concerning the bike occur or should the bike suffer any damage, the customer is entitled to receive another working bike by giving notice to the staff of the reasons that have caused said damage. The rental agreement includes the possibility of changing the bike and its equipment with another vehicle, upon availability, even though the latter may differ in technical features. Upon return of the bicycle and its equipment, the renter and the customer shall fill in and sign the report of collection and return of vehicle(s), and they shall acknowledge any possible damage that may have occurred to the loaned equipment. Customer shall assume liability for any damage and/or accident/injury related to the rental equipment and shall be immediately charged accordingly, should the damage not be of ordinary wear and tear. Damage assessment will be carried out by either the staff or another entitled legal authority upon return of the bike or within 48 hours as of the return, in case of festivity. Customer is also fully responsible for any damage caused to himself/herself, to the vehicle, to other parties and to things during the use of the bike. Should the customer be unwilling to sign the report of collection and return of vehicle(s), that is he/she disagrees with the dispute of the renter, the latter reserves the right to enforce this agreement in accordance to the herein General Terms & Conditions, in particular to those regarding the right of the owner to receive a compensation for such circumstances.

Fees concerning the hire of bicycles are referred to on our website or,

in the event of booking, in the booking form.

In the event of cancellation or no-show, Agli Zattieri may retain the deposit provided by the customer upon booking. Should the cancellation be notified within 24 hours prior to the commencement of the rental agreement, the deposit will be returned to the customer. Should the cancellation be notified within less than 24 hours prior to the commencement of the rental contract, the deposit will not be returned to the customer.

In the event of either cancellation or interruption of the rental agreement by Agli Zattieri due to adverse conditions (intense rainfall and storms) or to unforeseeable circumstances, we reserve the right to amend our Terms and Conditions. However, should our proposal for amendment not meet your needs, we reserve the right to retain the deposit.

No refund will be provided to any customer

upon anticipated interruption of the hire contract.

Assumption of Risk and Liability
Whilst our cycling itineraries are accesible, participants shall be aware of the inherent risks resulting from bicycling; Each participant assumes all risk related to cyclying to himself/herself and acknowledges that he/she is able to cycle and is in good physical conditions. Customer hereby agrees that neither Agli Zattieri nor any guide or affiliate member will be held liable for any accident or event resulting from the ordinary participation in this activity. This clause applies to all entitled persons and all family members. The use of bicycles is reserved to customers of age (18 years of age), unless the minor participates with an adult whom assumes all risk of possible damage to third parties caused by the minor or suffered by the minor himself/herself.
Each participant shall comply with safety rules and with rules of the Italian Highway Code as well as he/she shall abide by any advice provided by staff and other affiliate members. Under no circumstances shall Agli Zattieri be held liable for accidents resulting from recklessness of group members. Should any particular harmful and perilous circumstance arise, which might put at risk either the single participant or the whole group, Agli Zattieri reserves the right to amend some of the provisions laid down in the rental contract.
Some ciclying itineraries do not require a guide. However, non-guided itineraries require a good knowledge of maps and sense of direction. On no account will Agli Zattieri be held liable for any accident arising from the negligence of the customer.

Given the above, each participant assumes all risk to himself/herself arising out of said activity and will not hold responsible Agli Zattieri and other affiliate members for any accident that might occur. This clause equally applies to all entitled persons and to all family members. Both single participants or groups shall be held liable for any damage caused to the bike or the equipment previously provided by Agli Zattieri. This will result in a compensation that shall be paid in cash or by credit card.
Any bicycle or equipment not returned within 24 hours as of the agreed timeslots will be legally deemed as theft. The renter is herein authorised to report said breach to the Police or other relevant legal authority. In the event of theft of either the bicycle or of its equipment, the customer shall produce a copy of the theft report to Agli Zattieri, which will have already been filed to the authorities. Customer shall additionally pay an amount of money equivalent to the price of the bicycle and its equipment set out on the price list in accordance to fair wear and tear that might have taken place in the time prior to its return. The sum, which shall be paid within 5 days from the theft, will be returned only in case the bike is found or fully recovered, otherwise Agli Zattieri reserves the right to retain it as compensation for the loss of the vehicle.

We highly recommend that our customer sign a travel insurance so as to cover possible cancellation fee due to unforeseeable circumstances. We recommend signing a personal and medical insurance in order to cover medical fees and those arising from loss of luggage and personal effects.

The insurance may be purchased either upon receipt of the bicycle and its equipment or upon prior request when fulfilling the booking. The insurance is not mandatory and customer may decide to purchase it privately.

This contract is governed by the Italian Law and any dispute arising under this agreement, which will not be resolved by the parties,

shall be subject to the exclusive Jurisdiction of the Italian Courts. As for what is not specified in this contract, parties shall be refer to the Italian Civil Code.